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 Interdisciplinary Team Project | on hold

Branding, Illustration, Webdesign, User Interface Design for Social App Concept for Mobile App connecting locals with immigrants and refugees for joint activities

The app concept was created to connect established locals and refugees, people with immigrant backgrounds and different cultures, who hardly have access to social life in their new environment. Registered members would set up a personal profile page and create group activities as a host. Interested members could respond and start a chat with the host to exchange further details, such as personal information and location and time. Possible activities could be a picknick in the park, a basketball game, table tennis, walking a dog together and so on.

Announcement Onepager
Activity Teaser

All communication material and an elaborated User Interface Design were developed to find financial support for programming and hosting the app and people who would be interested in joining the team and sharing the idea.

Illustrations for the website
Profile Picture Avatars

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