Logos and Icons

Selection of logos, icons, pictograms and illustrations


Designs for the rental car comparison- and booking portal happycar. Here the „happycar explained“ illustration for the landing page, iconsets and a logo redesign proposal based on the existing logo.

Landingpage Illustration „Happycar Explained“

1. Du suchst weltweit deinen individuellen Mietwagen mit super Service zum günstigen Preis.

2. Bei uns buchst du den richtigen Mietwagen gleich zusammen mit der passenden Versicherung, statt vor Ort mehr zu zahlen.

3. Du holst den Wagen an der Station deiner Wahl ab und sparst bis zu 50%. Bis 24h vor der Abholung kannst du kostenlos stornieren.

Logo Redesign Proposal

Redesign proposal referring to the current logo design

Landingpage Iconset

Especially for usage in small sizes

Station Symbols

Car Details Symbols

Outline Icons

Headline Icon Style

Tryout design for headline icons

Car Class Illustrations

Small Car


Family Car

Sports Utility Vehicle

Electric Car

Olzem Bausachverständige

Corporate Design for a Construction Survey Company
Web Icons


„Brand Experience“ (BaggenDesign)

An icon design visualizing customer perception of a brand

„OBI Energy Efficiency“ (BaggenDesign)


Icons for Automotive Workshop (not yet released)


Innatura is a company enabling the supply of kind donations from industry to charity organizations by providing logistics, storage space and distribution. The logo colors needed to comply to the associated InKind Direct network.

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